Reaching those in need

The Outreach Service provides therapeutic and intensive family support services to families with children identified as at risk of being accommodated.  Outreach staff use creative relationship strategies to engage families who have previously found services difficult to access or unable to meet their needs.


The team liaises with staff from education, health, the voluntary sector and social care to ensure that there is a successful integration of the support available to families. We provide consultation, training, supervision and direct intervention to bridge gaps in service provision and ensure that, through workforce-development, services are able to meet the complex needs of families and manage risk collaboratively.  The Outreach team extend the principles of the Signs of Safety approach which we incorporate in our work with families.


Staff working in the Outreach Service also access the short break service and residential outreach team from Norfolk County Council to manage acute stress within families and to provide the space that family members need from one another in times of crisis.

The Outreach Service includes Family Development Workers, Clinical Psychologists, Family Therapists, a Social Work Lead, an Art Psychotherapist, Assistant Psychologists and administrative staff who tailor interventions to individual families based on a thorough clinical assessment and the needs of families that can change over time.


The goal of the Outreach approach is to ensure that families do not need to be referred to many different teams to access the services they require.  For example it might be that a family is referred due to concerns about the children, but what is actually needed is adult psychotherapy for one of the parents.  If so we have the flexibility to be able to offer this.  Where services outside our remit are required the relationships we have across the health, education, voluntary and social care sectors mean that we can support families to access services that have previously felt out of reach.  Our ongoing involvement also means that families do not need to keep telling their story over and over to the next group of professionals offering support.


At times more specialist provision is required for children that cannot be supported in an outreach model.  Our links to the Virtual Residential School ensure that children do not have to lose the important relationships they develop with staff as they transition between services.

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