Therapeutic Approach

The initial goal for the Compass Service is to maintain placement stability for children in their homes, foster placements and education provisions. It is often when children are excluded from school that life at home or foster placements becomes unsustainable.  The therapy team undertake direct assessments and interventions with fostered and adopted children or those on the edge of care. We are able to provide systemic and adult psychotherapy interventions for parents and carers to develop their resilience and their insight into the needs of their children.

The success of the Compass Approach is based on achieving second order change. All too often families make changes that are not sustained when professional support is withdrawn.  Second order change is different; it occurs when family members, staff or organisations develop genuinely new ways of relating to one another based on fundamental shifts in the values, beliefs and assumptions of how they approach challenges and relationships.


Over the last five years the Compass team have been developing a theoretical model, and more recently a service manual and training package to ensure that there is a consistent approach across each of the three Virtual Residential Schools and Outreach Service.


The success of expanding across Norfolk highlights the possibility of scaling the model on a much wider basis. The focus of the Compass Approach is on the relationships formed between staff, pupils, families and partner agencies. At the heart of the model is Attachment Theory and its links to the other psychological approaches that inform our work and clinical interventions.

The Compass Approach - Applied Theoretical Model

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